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Marina Bay Arts Fest

Posted by Judith Sweeney on July 15, 2016 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (1)  Entries due July 14, 2016

Art Show and Book Sale At the Library

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12 to 4 pm is the art festival.

Drop off paintings Saturday morning 9am to 11am. Then pick up the painting in the afternoon....

Help is needed in setting up 11am, manning the refreshments during the Festival,

and breaking down @ 4pm when the show is over.

Book Sale

16 July 10 am to 3pm

Art Show and Book Sale at the Library

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 12 to 4 pm is the art festival.

Drop off paintings Saturday morning 9am to 11am. Then pick up the painting in the afternoon....

Help is needed in setting up 11am, manning the refreshments during the Festival,

and breaking down @ 4pm when the show is over.

Book Sale

16 July 10 am to 3pm

Myron Mouse Belfast Visting artist 7/9

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Mural at Castle Island

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For the past six or seven days … up until the end of last week …members of the South Boston Arts Association spent a few hours each morning painting a mural on the side of the Boat House at the Harry McDonough Sailing Center at Castle Island.



There’s a simple answer for why we spent just a few hours in the mornings … the sun … and we all know, “… only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noon-day sun.” … well that’s according to Rudyard Kipling or one of those other British writers.



And the space between the Painting wall surface and the railing was just about 2 and one half feet. It’s kind of difficult to step back and check on the progress. Had to run out the gate and down the walk towards Sully’s to get a look at what we were doing.



The full size of the mural is 30 feet by 9 feet. Actually the siding is ten feet high … but nine was about as high as we wanted to go. The Lagoon water temperature being below a reasonable comfort level.



The mural a replica of a painting by the late Irish Painter John Skelton, called ‘Landing the Curragh’. The ‘curragh’ being sort of an Irish dingy.



The Southie Arts Association’s mural was duly recognized at the official opening of the Sailing Center last week. All aboard seemed to like the look.



Three or four years back painters from the Southie Arts Association painted a mural on a storage unit at L Street Bath House beach. Only thing is … the mural faces Dorchester Bay and perhaps the only ones who could enjoy the look are people from UMASS and the Kennedy Library … with spy glasses.



The painters who worked on the Boat House mural are: Janette Chaparro, Paul Conley, Claire Conway, Dennis Conway, Billy Frew, Dan McCole, Don Mejra and Debby O’Toole.



The boat house mural will be seen by thousands and admired by all. That’s nice.







Dan McCole, president


Mural on Castle Island Painting

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Southie Arts Association -  third day of painting

The South Boston Arts Association's artists continued the painting of a mural on the Harry McDonough Sailing Center boat house wall at Castle Island for the third morning (Saturday).

The wall is 30 feet wide and 10 feet high, but the artists decided that nine feet high was enough. The space between the mural wall and the saw-tooth rail fence is two and a half feet ... restricting a reasonable ladder angle for safety ... as well as making it impractical to step back and check the progress. .

The mural is a salute and replica of the painting 'Landing the Curragh' by Irish artist John Skelton. The volunteer work on the mural is on keeping with the mission of the members of the South Boston Arts Association which is, in part, to advance all phases of the 'Arts' for the enjoyment of the residents of South Boston and the many visitors to our community.


Friend-raiser to benefit Tír na n??g

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Please join

State Senator Michael Brady

Representative Michelle Dubois

& Representative Dan Hunt

For a Friend-raiser to benefit Tír na nÓg

Meet the artists and learn more about this exciting arts project happening here in our own backyard!

Saturday June 18th 5-7pm

188 East Street

East Bridgewater, MA 02333

RSVP To: Colleen Lofgren by Wednesday 6/15/16

774-225-1320 or [email protected]

Tír na nÓg June to October 2016

Tír na nÓg - is a temporary public art and public engagement project featuring the work of two acclaimed internationally known artists: Caoimhghin Ó Fraithile (Ireland) and Michael Dowling (Boston-US/Ireland).

These two artists will be creating site specific artworks in the Summer of 2016 in Boston’s acclaimed

Emerald Necklace Park System designed by Frederick Law Olmsted.

These works are part of Ireland’s 2016 Centennial- a global initiative to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising which set Ireland on it path for independence.

Suggested Donation: $25, $50, $75 & $100

Please share this invite with others who might want to attend!

For more information about the art project and/or to make a donation on line if you can't make the event:







Volunteer Opportunity for Art Installation

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Looking for volunteers for the public art project-Tir Na Nog:





Specifically to help Irish artist Caoimhghin Ó Fraithile, who is staying and working in South Boston, with cloth tying on to rope for his site specific work (very light meditative work) and he is also in need of help with light carpentry work.





To volunteer and/or for more information: contact Kathleen Bitetti - email: [email protected] - cell is 617-784-4652





We are looking for help on Saturdays (time is flexible), and weeknights (Mondays to Wednesdays) from 6 to 8pm or so (again this can be scheduled to better fit volunteers’ schedule(s)).





Next week we are planning to work on the evenings of June 6, 7, 8- and depending on the size of the group-it will be either at Medicine Wheel (110 K St) or the Paraclete Center (207 E St). Both have parking and both are located in South Boston.






Peter Damon June 11, Saturday 9:30

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The South Boston Arts Association is proud and very fortunate to have oil painter and double amputee veteran Peter Damon as the Guest Artist for the South Boston Arts Association's June Meeting, Saturday Morning, June 11, 2016.


Sgt. Damon, retired, is an exceptional artist, an oil painter, and a severely wounded Iraq war veteran.


In October of 2003 he lost parts of both his arms while serving in Iraq as a helicopter mechanic in the military.


The accident killed his close pal, SPC. Paul J Bueche 19, of Daphne AL.


Since then, art has become a huge source of therapy for him, both physically and mentally.


Peter’s website is dedicated to SPC. Bueche.


Painting has given Peter a new perspective on life and he has made a promise to his buddy Paul to make the most of it.


Peter and his wife Jenn recently opened a new art gallery. The 'True Grit Art Gallery' in Middleboro, Massachusetts.


Peter has his own blog site/web site -, and has been written up in: Time Magazine, the Boston Herald, Boston Globe, Brockton Enterprise and the Middleboro Gazette. And he has been featured in the TV Documentary, “Aftermath”, The “Today Show” and “Homes for our Troops” with Phil Mickelson.


As always, attendance at the Arts Association meetings is free and open to the public. Coffee, juice and muffins are served.



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Membership fees for next year are Due

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Three ways to Renew

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