The Clydesdales on Broadway
by Dan McCole, President of the South Boston Arts Association
The Clydesdales on Broadway, a watercolor, was painted in 2002. It is a scene from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in South Boston and sets the team coming down East Broadway from H Street at Pill Hill. The following March the painting was featured in the window of Norman Crump’s Fine Art Gallery on East Broadway and on a pleasant night (or I should say a pleasant early morning)  a fellow walked by, stopped, looked and picked up a rock the size of a double six-pack and heaved it through Norman’s window. Then the guy reached in and snatched up my ‘Clydesdales’
painting and one of Norman’s landscapes. He then scurried across the street through an empty lot and into the darkness.
A couple of workers for Excelon (formerly Edison) were working on a light pole up the hill towards H Street and heard the smashing of the window. Then in the early morning light of a pleasant June morning the workers saw the perpetrator scurrying across the street with the two paintings and they called the cops.  When the police arrived they found the rock in the window and broken glass all around as well as a clue. The art loving thief dropped a whole bunch of Chinese food as he ran off with the art. The crime occurred at about three o’clock in the morning. So with the Chinese food into the equation, we all figured perhaps alcohol was involved.
Well alcohol and a General Chang #5 aside, my original ‘Clydesdales’ and Norman’s original Landscape went the way of the stolen Isabel Gardner Museum paintings.  But we didn’t go down quietly. We put an ad in the local paper, made up some posters and placed them in the library, on other community bulletin boards and local bars. It was a special reverse-kidnapping message to the ‘Smash and Grab Thief on East Broadway’ with the heading ; “We have your ‘Poo Poo Platter’ and if you want to see your ‘Fried Rice’ again call us and we’ll make a swap.  Maybe the guy just liked our pictures and didn’t appreciate our humor  but we didn’t hear from him and the paintings are still among the missing. Thankfully I had the painting photographed and I am able to produce prints of all sizes. Just in case anyone would want a print of this missing painting prints are available in various sizes. Call 617 464-4237. Cell 708-610 0033. -